Historia De La Paloma Belga De Carrera V (en ingles) Ampliar

Historia De La Paloma Belga De Carrera V (en ingles)


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Driven by an unending desire to complete the "History of The Belgian Racing Pigeon", or at least the better part of it, and yet lacking the energy to bring this fifth part to a good end, I finally realized that there was just too much left out of my books so I set to and completed this fifth and last of the series.
I was also driven by the sensational success the "History of the Belgian Racing Pigeons" had, even in the English and german versions; and I was encouraged by the many letters I received and still receive asking: "When will the next part of your Hystory come ourt ?".
Nothing is more pleasant than the kind of words of praise I have received, but it still takes a terrific a mount of time to do the required research and writing.
I was luchy to have the help of two highly qulified pigeon scribes and friends in the persons of Mister Vanhoedenaghe from Halle anda Rik I ( the late + 1985) Armand Van de Parre from Geraardsbergen. Their assitance was an invaluable support in getting this part 5 together.
In this book, that yoy now have before you. I went back to the turn of the century and to the first years after the 1914-1918 war. The history of a few lofts is too important to be left untold.
I Thank you all for your suggestions and encouragement, who knows, if the good Lord lets me live long enough I may yet write a Sixth Part !.
This is no promise !.