Historia De La Paloma Belga De Carrera IV (en ingles) Ampliar

Historia De La Paloma Belga De Carrera IV (en ingles)


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Will Part IV of "The History of Belgian Racing pigeons", which has become such a popular series, be the last book in the series ?.
Only time (and perhaps the author's health) will tell.
We have numerous questions, many from fanciers who are not Belgians, concerning the methods used by the very greatest fanciers.

Therefore, in these four books we have tried to answer the questions by revealing the "secrets" of the most successful lofts that we have come across during our fifty years of writing about racing pigeons.
Parts III and IV are a fie pair of books and fit in beautifully with Parts I and II.
Our writing has brought world fame to many Belgian fanciers; our great wish that all the fanciers who read our books will become better fanciers and will find their way no the top in our wonderful hobby !