Historia De La Paloma Belga De Carrera II (en ingles) Ampliar

Historia De La Paloma Belga De Carrera II (en ingles)

EN INGLES; autor Julez Gallez.. Volumen II

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The History of the Belgiun Racing Pigeon had a difficult birth, it involved.
A. Checking a mass of archives thorougbly and.
B. Forming an opinion of uhat is proper to start on in this second part.
Not too long ago most Belgian champians did not like to write up pedigrees. They talked about many champion pigeons, but tbey did not have true brookkeeping. We do not mean those,  wbo after 50 years of pigeons breeding, do not dare to be completely frank.
A true  pigeons fancier bus no use for a pedigree witb; "cbecker" out of "blue" of the "long one" mated to tbe "sbort one" out of "klaren" from
"De Dikken", because usually meitber Fatber nor Motber's ring number are recorded so we can only guess ubetber or not tbese birds were originally bred in tbat loft.